"It’s not merely a cheap trick. This production has a fairly consistent narrative and the way it evokes dread is more psychologically perceptive than most shows on Broadway." NY, thank you Mark C. and Shane C., tickets currently on sale.




BLACKOUT is now available for private off-season events.



You've read about the private invite only shows.
You've heard about the celebrities and custom BLACKOUT experiences.
You've asked if this is like David Fincher's "The Game".  
You've pushed for something more intimate. More intense. Longer.



Experiences vary and are custom-tailored for each participant.
An experience can last anywhere from two days to a full month.
Prices for private events start at $8,000 (within the United States)
and a $1,000 retainer is necessary to even begin
a serious conversation with us about what is possible.


email us at: