"It’s not merely a cheap trick. This production has a fairly consistent narrative and the way it evokes dread is more psychologically perceptive than most shows on Broadway." NY, thank you Mark C. and Shane C., tickets currently on sale.


twenty onea blackout virtual experience



the story has begun…
(but is actually currently on hiatus at the moment.
check back here for updates…)


chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four




cooperation, imagination, and obediance are required.

close attention must be paid to the rules. 

'chapter one' is a four day, three night experience. anyone can do it, however, the full twenty one experience is only available to particpants in the continental united states. 

you must have a valid email and a phone number that can accept calls and texts.

you must agree to be available for any and all communication during the duration of twenty one. your phone must be on you and left on at all times. you must reside in the same location for the duration of twenty one.

phone calls. emails. in person visits. all forms are on limits. day or night.