"It’s not merely a cheap trick. This production has a fairly consistent narrative and the way it evokes dread is more psychologically perceptive than most shows on Broadway." NY, thank you Mark C. and Shane C., tickets currently on sale.



“The Blackout Experiments” is often chilling and hard to shake... should captivate horror fans"
- L.A. Times

"Terrifying... easily one of the best docs of the year.  9/10."
- Culture Smash

"The Blackout Experiments is captivating from start to finish."
- Wylie Writes

"As a lifelong fan of the horror genre, thanks for giving me something to fear again."
- Nightmarish Conjurings

"If you want a glimpse into the mysterious world of hardcore underground horror experiences, THE BLACKOUT EXPERIMENTS is a must."
- Sinful Celluloid

"It will likely put an end to your evening as you find it difficult to get your mind off the movie"
- Toronto Film Scene

"Unique and disturbing"

"The film is fantastic"
- HorrorBuzz

"I recommend Blackout Experiments... Fox showed great innovation in both horror and documentary filmmaking"
- Horror n Chill

"A Horror Documentary unlike any other Documentary out there. 4/5"
Cryptic Rock

"The Blackout Experiments is Terrifying."
- Decay Magazine

"A portrait not only of obsession but the search for personal limits and self-awareness."
- what (not) to doc

"Any documentary filmmaker worth his/her salt will be able to incite a strong debate – and that’s exactly what Fox did. 4/5 Stars."
- Horror Freak News

"Harrowing intensity... Something out of Fight Club"
- The Verge

"A wonderfully unpredictable examination of psychological fear."
- Hell Horror

"Surprisingly intense and emotional experience"
- Daily Dead

"Riveting... horrific visuals and demented real-life documented events"
- Starpulse

"A documentary about a horror so messed up, they couldn’t have made it up."
- Bloody Disgusting

"The single scariest thing I saw at Sundance"
- Matt Warren

"The disorienting experience can encompass forced nudity, verbal abuse, suffocation, even waterboarding."
- Variety

"If Experiments is really real, then it is train-wreck fascinating."
- J.B. Spins